Where Are the Italians? Part 2

I didn't see too much reaction from Italy's last game. Yesterday, I see on the news that Italy (as expected) won easily, with a 3-0 win over Ukraine. Heard a couple of cars honking, but nothing major. I needed to make a short trip to the store, and drove on Jean-Talon for two or three blocks. Huge mistake. In the 30 seconds of driving I must have seen over thirty Italy flags waving from cars and buildings. Everyone seemed to be honking, and this is a quarter-final game...

The problem was on the way back home, I couldn't even cross the street cause of all the cars...Luckily, a "non-Italian flag waving" guy saw this, and actually stopped in the middle of the street to let me go, whew! Learn from my mistake: When Italy wins a World Cup game, avoid this problem by crossing at an intersection with traffic lights.

My Prediction: Italy wins the World Cup. They seem to have the easiest draw to the finals, and should be able to take it all the way. You need to be good and lucky to win, and this year the Italians seem to have both.

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