"What Do You Wanna Do?"

We were just bored walking around downtown thinking: "What do you wanna do?" for the nth time. Went for some ice cream, looked for a place to sit and rest. There was a series of benches facing a big screen in Place Des Arts which looked inviting, so why not sit there? Some time later more and more people came filling up the benches; and then we see people actually bringing their own portable chairs, and a growing amount of people standing around.

Overhead there's CBC cameras and lights, so obviously there's something that's gonna happen. It turns out that this was the first time they ever broadcasted an OSM performance live on television, internet and radio all at once.

There were dancers warming up, and then the screen lit up showing Kent Nagano and the OSM in mid-show. Having never seen a performance like this I was pretty impressed, even though we were just watching it on a screen with giant speakers. Then a 200 person chorus showed up and the dancers did their thing to close the show. I looked around behind me and there was a huge mass of people watching (looked full all the way up to the Dairy Queen on St. Cat) which was a sight to see. A standing ovation followed, which was a nice way to end a night where we had nothing to do. I'll post pics later...

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