Seoul: 7 Luck Casino

Well, I checked out the casino that's close by called 7Luck...The weirdest part is that it's for foreigners ONLY. This means local Koreans are not allowed to enter...only foreigners like me. I went there early in the morning and it was virtually most a dozen people in the entire place.

With nothing else to do I sat down at the 5,000 Won Blackjack table alone one-on-one against the dealer (since the place was empty) and proceeded to lose my money in quick order (dealer got three Blackjack in a row at one point). I managed to hang in there when a guy came in with 100,000 Won and lost it all in about 5-10 minutes.

At the end, somehow I made the comeback and walked out a double-up winner woohoo!

The strange part is that is how it looked when I got there...
completely empty

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