Seoul Random Stuff Report

I'll throw out stuff that I've noticed so far:

Lots of smog these days here...tough to breathe sometimes. Felt sick a bit (coughing and mainly jetlag I suspect), but today I'm a little better. Explored the areas close by my hotel for now. Seoul is pretty big...streets as large as New York if not larger. Metro system is very big too.

Not too many caucasian people here (personally I thought there would be more, but I guess not). Apple juice is virtually non-existant. They have English newspaper.

The Hyundai department store was interesting. Kind of like The Bay, but more upscale. Even has a grocery section, bakery, and food stands on the ground floor. There's people in every section of the grocery store to help you, and just keeping the shelves neat...interesting. Most people (at least in retail) seem to understand English. There's also some English on retail signs too...Not illegal like back home (Same size text! OMG! Call the language police!)

Good news is that I got my baggage delivered to the hotel from United Airlines...Now I know what to expect the next time my luggage ends up on a different flight.

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  1. Wear a mask if it is that bad. Hope you'll have lots of pics to show us when you get back.

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