Seoul Random Stuff Report 2

A couple of lasting impressions:

Smartcard bus passes and re-filling your bus pass card by signals through the air. No need to even take the card out of your wallet. (I read that we're supposed to get this in Montreal next year, but I'll believe it when I see it...)

Smart escalators (this means they don't run if no one is actually on it; sensors detect when you are approaching the escalator and it starts moving just as you get on it). Metro trains are also smoother and quieter.

Unlike the clinics here, the doctor's office (which I got to visit since I was sick) in Seoul has a lot of "tools"...Even more than a dentist.

Unlike retail workers, taxi drivers in Seoul do not speak English at all...There's probably more stuff I can mention, but that's mainly what suprised me more than anyhing else.

Update: One more thing, you have to pay a small fee for the plastic bags (very strong bags) when you shop at grocery stores...this could be a future trend...

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