PS3 80 GB or Xbox 360 Elite?

I was kind of looking to get a new console this coming holidays; and of course noticied the PS3 has dropped in price quite a bit a couple of months ago. And once again Sony has really put the pressure on Microsoft today here in Canada...The PS3 is down to $499 CAN for the 80 GB model...This means it's priced exactly the same as the Xbox 360 Elite model in Canada (at least for now).

On the software side, the Xbox 360 is definitely the better choice. A lot more games out there for the Xbox 360. However, the hardware being offered by the PS3 is very tempting:

(PS3): Blu-Ray + Wi-Fi + 80GB
(360): DVD + 120GB

Today, if you are a gamer then the Xbox 360 is the easy choice. But, even if you are a gamer, at the same price level it's hard to just ignore the Blu-Ray and Wi-Fi included on the PS3. I wonder if Microsoft will lower the price of the 360...I say they should, since it's obvious that the PS3 is the better hardware value. It really depends on how much you plan to watch hi-def movies versus playing games.

Whatever I end up getting, I have to give Sony props here for pricing the PS3 exactly the same in Canada as the US; which is good since the loonie has hit parity (and beyond already). It's good to see a company like Sony, take currency exchange into consideration.

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