Montreal: Banzai Sushi (near Orange Julep)

One day I decided to check out this small Japanese restaurant, called Banzai Sushi) literally right behind the Orange Julep. I am glad I did. This could be the best sushi place I have ever been to (I admit I am no expert...But I am now claiming myself an amateur restaurant critic, haha)

I can recommend going there on Fridays (I've been there twice on Friday nights, so far) and have been offered complimentary items even for take out. The sushi chef is Japanese and is very friendly. The ingredients are top notch and really fresh, so much so that I can actually notice the difference in freshness compared to other sushi places. The quality of the Nigiri Sushis and Makis I have eaten show the care and expertise in each piece. "Fresh Daily" it reads on the menu...Yes, I have to agree with that.

By popular demand (yup, one person hehe) I have added a Google Map image to show exactly where Banzai Sushi is...I guess there's a lot of sushi lovers in Montreal. Since Banzai doesn't seem to have their own website (as of this post) people are finding it through here.

Update (April 12):
New menu. See my comment below.

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  1. Yes, I must say this is a little gem hiden away. Hot Sake on a cold night seems like a plan!



  2. The "pound" cake dessert is also quite good (first time I have ever tried it was there)...Very tasty!

  3. Ryan tell me more!
    Sushi near the Orange Julep?

  4. Yup, if you want hot dogs and poutine and I want sushi...everyone can get what they want :)

    Also,check out the map I've added to the original post...

  5. Nice map.

    Maybe I'll get some sushi for the holiday party at work.
    What's good at Banzai?
    Do they deliver?

  6. I'm sure everyone has their own tastes, myself I like the BBQ eel...But it's all pretty good to me.

    As for delivery I have no idea. But I think/believe they will prepare an order to go (cannot vouch for it since I've never tried it). You'll have to see with them.

  7. Hey,went to Banzai Sushi behind the Julep and had the best noodle soup!
    The sushi was just as you said, melt in your mouth fresh!Very cool modern vibe to the place too.
    Great tip.

    Oh yes,they do deliver.

  8. Thanks for the info! Never even thought of trying the noodle soup there! It's been a little while since I've been there...I'll have to go back soon!

  9. Before you go back, you should know Banzai has winter hours now 11-5. 514 735-1829 from the take out menu.
    ...Been taking out a lot!

  10. Nice tip. 11-5pm, doesn't leave much time (like none at all) if you finish work at 5pm.

    I'll have to try delivery one time...

    If I remember correctly...They are closed on Sundays right?

  11. yes,open M-F for the winter.
    Delivers 1130-230.
    Lunch time's good.Or ordering in with everybody at work when it's too cold out.I'm hooked.Their sushi is that good!

    It's like I don't want to put any more junk food in my body,you know what I mean?

    I feel like when i eat at Banzai Sushi I'm doing good and being healthy.At least at lunch time!

  12. What's the minimum order for take out? It's too bad (for me anyways) that I cannot go on a Friday night or weekends during the winter...

  13. you mean a minimum order for delivery?
    I know,I feel like asking them to stay open friday nites thru new years,at least to 7.
    When you go,get a menu and post it.It would be a nice touch for your blog.

  14. I found out it's 10$ minimum order for delivery.
    I usually order with everybody at work so I wasn't sure on the minimum.

    actually,we've been getting a big mix sushi party platter and we share.


  15. I forgot to tell you the news!

    Banzai has organic salmon.
    It just gets better and better.

  16. Wow, nice! Yes that's a good idea about the menu...Just need to find a scanner first...

    I agree they should stay open a bit later, and on one weekend day at least too...

    I guess they make most of their business during regular business hours...

  17. This place is just up the street from where I work and everybody here has dopted it as their new favorite sushi place. The food is great and the delivery is very fast. And the minimum $10. order is very reasonable. Very friendly people who work there too. I highly recommend it.

  18. It's small and unassuming (for those who have not been there, I think it seats about a dozen people at most) but it's not short in quality...I can't wait until they get back to extended hours...

  19. Hey Ryan,

    I heard starting 1st week of April Banzai is extending hours,Th,Fri 11am-7/8 pm.Open for supper.

    I saw an out door seating too.

    Spring is here!

  20. Great, I've been waiting for this...It's been awhile for me!

    Last year they had longer opening hours for Friday, but it's good enough for a bite after work.

  21. Just an update:

    Along with the new opening hours is a new menu too. The lunch menu still seems to be a good deal (which ends much earlier now at 2:30pm, if I remember correctly).

    Just a feeling, but the menu items seems to be more limited and the prices have definitely increased. New management? I don't know, but the food is still good even if noticeably more pricey now.

  22. Menu looks retooled,but still cheap for what you get.Melts in your mouth.
    Not sticky and dry like other places I've been.Ever try their beer?

    Love the cake!

    Back there Friday.

  23. AnonymousMay 04, 2009

    Sat outside today ,this place is happening.

  24. Glad to see people like the place too...This post must have referred a least a couple of dozen people there by now...Just tell them I sent you ;)

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