Xbox 360: Mass Effect

This game was probably the biggest reason I went for an Xbox 360 instead of a PS3. Having played and enjoyed KOTOR and Jade Empire a lot, this action/role-playing game by Bioware had to prove something to me with their latest Xbox 360 game. The Bioware games I've played before are like great interactive story books.

Anyways, I created a pure combat soldier character and off I went shooting robots and aliens in this amazing sci-fi game. Surprisingly, the gameplay felt a little Ghost Recon. I concentrated on the main story arc and it's almost like watching a movie except that you are part of it (after finishing the game I can say that the side missions are unfortunately forgettable) .

You feel part of the movie (I mean game) since you have control over the look of the character and "play" the character the way you want. You decide what to say to other characters in the game and I must say that it's very well done with the camera angles adding a cinematic feel to the conversations.

As you progress and watch the story unfold before your eyes, you'll be presented with a very interesting and thought provoking story. This is my favourite game on Xbox 360 right now. I can only hope Mass Effect 2 is as good as this one.

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