Bad Bureau en Gros (Staples)

The store manager at Bureau en Gros (Marche Centrale) must have bad hiring practices or just bad store policies. The sales guys there are not very helpful when trying to price match with other stores: "You need to bring a hard copy, we are not allowed to look it up here for you on the internet (even though it take a few seconds)". That's huge bull of course, other stores like Futureshop (at least sometimes, depending on the salesperson you get) and Bestbuy will price match after checking on the internet for you.

I smell commission hungry people or a lame store manager. Either way I was not going to buy the Acer Aspire One netbook there, since they wouldn't price match. That's also the last time I will go in that store....ever again.

I ended up going to the Bureau en Gros on Jean-Talon (near Victoria) where they price matched (and beat the price difference by 10%) without any hassles-like they should. So they got my Acer Aspire One netbook purchase, and any future business from me.

As written in their policy on the Staples website (I did not know this at the time, but now I do...More 100% pure bull from salesguys):

An advertisement is defined as a copy of a current dated advertisement, original register receipt, catalogue page or competitor web page.

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  1. I just went through the same thing this morning at BUREAU EN GROS on Cote Vertu. My husband purchased the Acer one and the found out Future shop had it on sale for 80$ less. They refused to price match claiming it was an error on future shops flyer because their website listed the regular price. AFter purchasing it at Future shop and going back to Bureau en Gros with the sales receipt as proof they wouldnt even look at it. The salesgirl Julie was incredibly rude telling me i should just go to Future shop if i wasnt satisfied. I was not about to let it go they advertise price match and I was gonna get my price match. I raised hell in the store and got what i was rightfully intitled to. It shouldnt have had to be so hard but unfortunately it was. It was the first and last time i will purchase from Bureau en Gros!!!

  2. Yes, bad word of mouth does indeed travel fast...Are you listening Bureau en Gros?

  3. I work at bureau en gros Cavendish... just to clear up some of the complaints your referring to.

    we are told that you must bring in a copy of the alleged lower price and THEN we can verify if its in fact in stock at another store. this is only in effect because we have customers who come in and tell us that they saw it cheaper "somewhere else" and to please go on a hunt through all the possible retailers carrying it (and more often than not, come up empty handed).

    at Cavendish, we will gladly go look at one or two possible stores if you "forgot" your print out at home but we simply cannot look at costco, walmart, future shop, best buy, la source, dumoulin, etc.

    I remember that specific week when future shop advertised lower than we did for about 80$ - sold three acer ones in one night - i personally price matched all three of them.

    You shouldnt have had a problem price matching at ANY store - i recommend you send a letter of complain to our head office, it is entirely unacceptable that they treated you that way!

    we have a 110% price match guarantee on all items that are in stock at another store. you get 10% of the price difference so that we are ALWAYS the lowest price.

    in any case, if its not too far and if you would like better service come on over to the cavendish store in cote st luc, it may be further but we would never do that to you! (p.s. we dont work on commission so if you dont come, i wont be too upset :P)

  4. The policy you describe makes sense for clients who try to "bluff" their way to a better deal.

    But not checking a simple web site when a client tells a salesperson exactly where to look is bad business... especially when competitors are doing it themselves.

    Unfortunately, it's clear that not all Bureau en Gros are created equally. But, it's good to know that along with the "bad apples" there's at least some Bureau en Gros stores that seem to care enough to do their customers right.

  5. I went to Bureau en Gros on St-Catherine 2 days ago. They had an item I saw in sale and was sure of the item, I asked for some tech to check the price on internet (it was Best Buy). No interet access (something wrong here.. you sell computers) and accessories. I was told to come back with a print of the item's lower price.

    I don't have a printer, but I printed the web page with the price and item on a Pdf, that I put on USB Key. I go to the shop, now the item is in special at Bureau en Gros, for 4 cents less.

    2 Days later I was getting a 10$ rebate with a 110% policy, you tell me to come back then match the price in my back. Nice Policy.

  6. Just so you know: I used to work for that compagny for over 4 years, and it pisses me off, as a cashier, that people come in the store and think we don't have anything else to do than make their search on the internet and print their add for them. If you want your math price, work for it. We're not supposed to use our internet for those kind of things. And yeah, like anywhere else, sometimes, the internet is down. Amazing, we're people too!! And guess what, your Internet is probably wayyy faster than mine! Why? Oh yeah, 'cause I'm not really suppose to use it unless it's for internal use.

    And just to clear the story of the other anonymous: all the prices, like everywhere else, are made by the head office. If they changed it, probably because it became in special. Which tells me you probably waited one or two days before goin' back, when the new flyer was out. So stop complaining, you still had it for cheaper.

    It's because customers like you I just quit.

  7. Bureau en Gros sends out fliers for Saturday only sales. People show up an hour before opening and line up. I'm handicapped and have suffered in line only to be told after 45minutes freezing-- there are no more. I get pushed out of the way but aggressive young people--nice isn't it?? That was in Chateauguay.QC. So I drove to LaSalle only to be told that there are 5 hard-drives left but 5 people have tickets for them but have left. I was told to wait another hr-12 noon and maybe I would get one. My company has spent> $20,000 in the last 2 yrs at your stores. I find these sales unfair to the elderly and handicapped.

  8. Today, I was waiting in line at the Cote St. Luc, branch of the Bureau en gros for the Door crasher sale. In the flyer, it says one per family!
    I miss getting one of these specials by a couple of people. Meanwhile I enter the store where two other customers and I watch as a "family of 3" father, mother and 10 year old daughter each walk away with the netbook. Two of us complain to say: look they are from the same family. The manager then has the audacity to say: here's my card if you want to complain. I followed the happy family to their car.

    While I was at the door, I overheard one guy come in to say that he came to update his NETBOOK software that was on sale and that he had been enjoying his netbook for the past two days. When I asked him about the price: he told me he was able to purchase it at the sales price TWO days ago, but he would not elaborate further to explain to me how this was possible.
    I am still in shock by this entire experience and can not believe the poor business practices that were exhibited and deserves to be exposed!

  9. RIpped OFF on credit cardJanuary 27, 2013

    My experience with Bureau en Gros was a laptop I bought and brought it back 4 days later because was not satisfied with it..I had bought it on their stupid credit plan and when they credited it they did not enter my credit card normally so the bill was not cleared...I went back to the store and a manager recredited my credit card and then put a charge again and then another when I had left the store in other words a debit, credit and debit credit again for same amount with does not clear my first bill because all he was supposed to do was credit once....what the F...K am I supposed to do with these crooks and my credit still shows I owe the bill.....

  10. yes they do not give a dam about the customers..

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