Archos 5 Coming to Montreal

While thinking about getting the latest iPod Touch (a quick review based on my entire 10 minutes of experience with the 1st gen unit: no Flash, and web pages seem to take a while to load up). This is something that has now come onto my radar: Archos 5 (internet media tablet).

Reviews say that this device has way more features, a larger screen, faster processor and more memory (starting at 60 GB) than the iPod touch. It also seems to be much larger physically (my guess is PSP sized)—still impressive but it depends on what you really want in such a device. They also say it's kind of "unpolished" and has ads on it; that's just weird. It's too bad you have to buy add-ons to make use of all its features (like DVR capabilities). Oh well, looks like iPod Touch for me.

Archos 5

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