NHL 09 Review

Yup, I am having lots of play time with this game so I guess I have to recommend it. Good stuff.

Notable gameplay mentions (I am comparing to every old EA hockey game I played before NHL 08):
-You miss the net a lot with your shots (more realistic I guess)
-Puck bounces a lot and doesn't "stick" to your player like previous games
-CPU players really play differently depending on their skill level
-Scoring is much more realistic; not many blowout games against the computer
-You can actually score with slapshots! Goalies are not perfect!
-Coaching tips in "Be a Pro" mode are sketchy sometimes
-Putting your own songs to play on the Bell Center sound system is cool (Xbox only I believe)
-Playing as a goalie is very cool too; not just a gimmick..Pretty well done if I say so myself

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