Acer Aspire One Review

There are hundreds of reviews on the internet for the Acer Aspire One, so there's little point in me writing one saying the same things. All the netbooks out there (specs-wise at least) seem to be the same even across different companies—the price is probably the biggest difference between them.

In any case, it's pretty much what I expected: a mini-laptop, with no DVD drive. My only real experience with a laptop is a 2-3 year old IBM Thinkpad, so what was unexpected in this Acer netbook was the following:

* The monitor is a lot sharper than I expected
* Unlike my laptop it has a 3-prong power plug (yes, just like a washing machine...weird)
* The keyboard is not that small (common complaint for some people I've read)
* The built-in webcam is less than stellar (not as good as the no name webcam I have from Walmart)

But other than that no surprises really. As long as it works for many years, I will have no complaints about it.

Side note: When shopping for it last week both Futureshop and Bestbuy were completely sold out in Montreal. Some specific Bureau en Gros outlets may have it in stock (but make sure you go to a good one). Either way it's selling out quick whereever you go.


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