Montreal: Le Clafouti - Sandwiches and More

If you work in the in Old Montreal area, looking for an inexpensive lunch is not easy. But at least one place (Le Clafouti) has you covered. In the summer time the place is always packed at lunch time no matter what. I am a "regular" (once a week) customer now, just like many of the people that line up there each day at noon.

Popular Old Montreal Lunch Option

You can pick up some good food; let's say a sandwich and salad for $7. The sandwiches are pretty normal, but it's their pad thai that is very good (and seems to be their most popular choice judging by the huge plastic tub that holds it each day). The potato salad is pretty good too. I just tried their special of BBQ pork and vegetables, and it's good too. I have to say that during their busiest days they run out of their salads if you go too late (like at 1:00pm or even 12:45pm).

I try to get there at 11:30pm before the rush, and sometimes people are there already. At noon there's usually a line. At 12:30pm the line goes to the door. At 1:00pm you can be eating leftovers since a lot of choices are already finished. There's a lot of things there that I haven't even tried yet, but it all looks pretty good.

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