Rock Band Hardware Sucks

If you bought Rock Band in Montreal a couple of months ago (like I did) I have to warn you...Your guitar may be breaking down soon.

As a newbie rhythm music game player, Rock Band was my first foray into the genre. But now that experience has soured thanks to Rock Band's poor quality assurance in their hardware. What happened exactly? The strum bar on my guitar is already broken. And of course EA will not replace it since it's past it's 60-day warranty.

My guitar has had minimal usage over the time that I've had it and it's already broken. I should have waited for the Guitar Hero World Tour game. They don't have the same guitar hardware issues that Rock Band has (since they've been making guitar games for years now).

On another note it's a smart move by the Guitar Hero makers to now allow Rock Band hardware/games to work with their own hardware/games. If I ever feel the need to buy a new or second guitar (or any music gaming hardware) you can bet I will NOT be buying (or recommending) Rock Band anymore but a Guitar Hero package instead. That's just how it goes I guess.

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