Montreal: Nostos (Greek Restaurant)

The restaurant posts I make seem to be the most popular on my blog. I guess this is something people look for (I know I look for them myself).

Good Food

Anyways, Nostos is small casual Greek restaurant that I started going to a couple of years ago. The generous portion of fried calamari entrée was amazing the first time I tried it, but the couple of times after that wasn't as good for some reason (new cook?) even though it's still good. I hear that the BBQ chicken plate is their most popular dish (and it looks great) but I am not fond (in general) of chicken breast meat so it always tastes a little dry to me. However, I have still recommended it to friends who have given it two thumbs up after eating it.

It's been awhile since I've been there (they've even doubled their floor space, so they must be doing something right) but it's still on my radar when I am in that area.

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