Money-Saving Tips in Las Vegas

Not much blogging the last few days since I flew out to Las Vegas for the first time ever as a short vacation. I feel like I went at the right time of year weather-wise (hovering around 10C in the day to 3C at night) since I know I that cannot stand the heat in summer.

In any case here are five money-saving tips for noobs (at least I think they are) from my first LV experience:
  • Don't visit around New Year's like I did—show prices are generally a little higher than normal since there's a lot of people in town.
  • Take the shuttle bus from the airport (if you are 1 or 2 people). For $6.50/person it takes you (and whoever else is taking the shuttle) right to your hotel. It's the same price going back to the airport. If you are a larger group it's prob cheaper to take a cab.
  • Get a three-day monorail pass if you plan on staying that long and want to visit a few hotels and watch some shows.
  • You can get tickets the day of the show at a discount, but you'll have to wait in line for a chance to get them. I waited 45 minutes and got what I wanted since I was alone. But, if you need more than one ticket have a plan B ready just in case.
  • Visit Walgreens and pick up some supplies for the rest of your stay—this means you don't have to buy the $5 toothpaste from your hotel.
I could probably add one more to the list and say "Don't gamble" but it's pretty pointless since everyone already knows that. The shows I've seen were: Cirque de Soliel: Ka, David Copperfield, Crazy Horse, and the Mac King Comedy show. The rest of the time was spent visiting the hotels which is an experience in itself. Las Vegas is a great place to visit...So much to see and do there...

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