NHL 09 Online with Xbox Live

Human controlled players are often better than CPU controlled players. Except when they are on your team. It started off as 2 player vs 2 player game. I ended up with a guy who decided to play goaltender (which is a terrible, terrible idea). Anyways, here is the story of my first online hockey game against other people:

1st period:
As soon as the puck drops my teammate starts jumping all over his crease leaving the wide net 90% open half the time. Even though we had Team Canada we were down a goal very early in the game. Add to this, the fact that ALL my experience was playing the game from bottom to top, not top to bottom (NHL video game vets will know what I am talking about). Of course, I was inexplicably forced to play from top to bottom for the entire game. In short, I was ready for a massive beatdown.

Luckily, my "goaltender" (I do not call what he was doing in front of the net goaltending at all) must have lost his internet connection or something since the computer took control shortly after that first goal against us. Solo mission it is. I was still trying to get used to playing from top to bottom...It was totally foreign to me. But I managed to learn how to shoot at least. Still down only 1-0 only, I considered myself lucky.

2nd period:
I figure I'll just take lots of shots from anywhere, you never know when one will go in...And finally I get a wrist shot with Gagne from in close in the top corner! My first online goal ever! Woohoo! I keep pluggin away with the same strategy shoot from all over...Then there's a rebound, and I use Heatley to pop in the rebound! I take the lead! Yessss! I even managed a breakaway at one point, but couldn't get the insurance goal....Darn.

3rd period:
Complete momentum shift...The two guys on the other team stepped up and dominated this period. They were pressing for sure; I couldn't even skate into the offensive zone without getting hit and losing the puck...Even dumping the puck was difficult. Luckily, I had Brodeur in nets...He made some amazing saves for me. But even with Brodeur I sensed a goal against me with all that pressure they put. I just sat back and tried to block as many shots with my forwards as possible. I was trying to run the clock even with about 12 minutes left...That's how badly I was being dominated.

Near the end of the period my offensive strategy was to reach the offensive blue line and take a slap shot. I had Iginla and got rubbed off the puck (again), but this time the puck must have bounced a bit and Iginla regained control of the puck...Breakaway! Breakaways are the worst part of my game, but I needed this insurance goal real bad...So I made a simple last minute deke, and went top corner...Goal! Yesssssssssss! NHL 09 is fun alright!

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