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December 2020 Update: I cannot believe it's been ten years since I've originally posted about Goong Sushi. In that time, I've taken colleagues here who were used to Vancouver quality sushi, and they have also acknowledged that the Chirashi here was good. I've eaten Chirashi in a Toronto sushi restaurant with a 4.5 star rating, and it was nowhere near as good as Goong's. Today, the Cotes-Des-Neiges mall is finally getting some long overdue renovations, but the restaurant is still there in the exact same spot, and looks exactly the same as I remember it a decade ago. Whenever I'm in Montreal, I still try to go out of my way to come here and get some of their Chirashi. Some things never change, and that's a good thing in this case.

New phone, new Goong Sushi Chirashi photo (no filters applied):

December 2009 Update: A commenter here inspired me to write about something I discovered at Goong Sushi: Chirashi sushi.

From Wikipedia:
Chirashizushi (ちらし寿司, lit. scattered sushi) is a bowl of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed in (also refers to barazushi). It is commonly eaten in Japan because it is filling, fast and easy to make.

Goong Sushi's Chirashi is quite tasty and I haven't seen it anywhere else in Montreal (although I'm sure some other restaurant serves this too).

From memory, Goong Sushi's Chirashi has BBQ Eel, three kinds of sliced raw fish, a shrimp, a tiny side of seaweed/carrot/mushroom? (I'm guessing here except for the carrots), some kind of crunchy side "thingy" with caviar on top (no idea what it's called) all on a bed of sushi rice. After eating there many more times it really is the real deal...Just get something that is made fresh and you are good to go. I always finish it clean every single time I order it...It's a nice dish if you're near there. 

Originally published on May 30, 2009

Cotes-Des-Neiges mall is pretty run down if you ask me....Leaky roof, a lot of empty places for rent and needs major renovation. So the location is not somewhere you would think of finding decent food. Especially in a food court.

Official sushi tray photo

Great Sushi, Great Value

Food court sushi...Or is it more than that? I've eaten sushi from various sushi chain restaurants in different food courts and you know right away that you are eating food court sushi. But, even food court sushi restaurants are always on the expensive side.

So my review? Goong Sushi is easily the best sushi I've eaten in a food court. AND the least expensive by far. It probably rivals "real" sit down sushi restaurants. There I said it.

I sensed something different after I ate a couple of pieces a couple of days ago, and it was good enough for me to order a whole "combo" plate today. Depending on the time of day, I had to wait ten minutes for some freshly made sushi, but that's even better since the food is made to order. So based on my one combo plate, I count this place as a new and inexpensive sushi place that is definitely good bang for the buck.

Goong Sushi Photos

Goong Sushi Restaurant counter

Goong Sushi Chirashi sushi order

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