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Shopping for a Google Nest Hub

It sold out at the Walmart near me during Black Friday, but as I hoped/guessed the promotion would be extended after Black Friday and that's exactly what happened. This time I took the opportunity to pick it up ($69.99) and got the second last unit left on the shelf ( showed zero in stock online).

Putting Google Nest Hub to the Test

My plan for it, is in the kitchen where I can look up recipes, play music or play Youtube videos just by talking to it, while I am busy cooking or washing things. Physically, it's probably smaller than I would have expected and that's actually good since I don't have much counter space anyways. The sound quality from the speaker is pretty average, but it does the job that I need it to do. It's not really a device that I plan to physically interact with a lot, and thankfully (so far) the Google Assistant is a MUCH better experience now than my history with it a couple of years ago on my Android smartphone.

The Google Assistant is where this device shines, it's able to more often than not, understand what I am trying to say to it. For example it was able to perfectly understand a voice command such as: "Hey Google, remind me to watch the meteor shower today at 8PM". Nice. Asking it to play music is super easy "Hey Google, play some Weeknd music", or to Chromecast something to my TV. For simple commands, even with broken English it'll be able to piece together what you mean. Weather and traffic updates are also easy for Google Assistant to help you with.

If you picked one up too, what are you most useful uses for Google Nest Hub?

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