Saints Row 2 (More Fun Than GTA IV?)

Although I haven't played GTA IV yet, I really have no incentive to play it if it's anything at all like GTA III. That's why I took a chance on Saints Row 2. This is a great post about the little things that really break a game like GTA for me.

Game-breaker: Car driving. I reeeeaaaaalllly hate driving around (especially over and over for a stupid unbeatable mission)....Driving in real-life is not that fun to begin with (rush hour anyone?) so why try to emulate that in a game? In Saints Row 2 you can rocket around town and not worry about your car blowing up after a few high-speed crashes.

Why Saints Row 2 is fun #1: Missions are actually doable on the first shot (checkpoints help a lot). Replaying a stupid mission over and over is not fun.

Why Saints Row 2 is fun #2: It's funny. On a mission to shoot helicopters out of the sky (that's right) my "sidekick" who was driving the car (so happy for that...I really hate driving, even in this game) suddenly tried to "sing" along with Ne-Yo's "So Sick" song...Just the timing and bad singing was funny...

Why Saints Row 2 is fun #3: You can customize you character in ways I've never seen before...You can go beyond just a characters physical appearance. You can create a male character and make him sound and walk like a girl if you want...It's just so funny/weird after seeing your character start the game as a badass who just broke out of jail, haha. You can even give him a crazy smile too (like Joker) if you want, and give him a "Crazy" walk...It's hilarious.

Down side: The game is known to be glitchy. Seems like there are bugs in the game...Mine just froze during a cutscene...That's too bad..

I'm only about a quarter way through the game, but it's fun...Which is the most important quality for me.

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