IBM ThinkPad Z60t: Dead

Well after 3.3 years of use my Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad Z60t has died on me. It's my first and last Lenovo laptop. It's too bad it had to end like this. One day it works, and the next day it won't even turn on (no lights, no fans, nothing).

What makes it even more bitter is that it was still fast enough for web surfing and playing media...It definitely had enough horsepower to avoid being obsolete for years.

After some research and testing, I've determined that the mother board is dead. It's disappointing since Thinkpads are supposed to be known for their reliability. I guess I'll have to shop around for a Dell computer now (which would be my first Dell) Update: I did give Dell a look, but ended up with a great HP desktop and Philips monitor combo.

The only upside is that I learned how to remove parts of the laptop (hard drive, optical disk drive, RAM)...So maybe I'll have some parts to salvage, but it still sucks...Very disappointing, Lenovo.


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  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2012

    My Thinkpad Z60T just died today. It does not power ON anymore. The case gets very hot at the front botton RHS, just behind the SD connector. Power OFF current is 2A. I disassembled the laptop: on the motherboard, chip U41 is burned wide open, and burning when power is applied. This chip is a large gull-wing surface mount marked "F21618TE110V H8S/2161BV V0516 BD05170" with a sticker BV19. It looks like an IBM custom chip. too bad it died: I really liked that Z60T :-(

  2. That sucks, I also liked the Z60t laptop. In my case, it turned out that my power button was not working. Motherboard was supposedly fine (only found out after I had sold it for parts).

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