Nexen or Goodyear Winter Tires


Update: In case anyone cares (this post has been fairly popular), I went with the Goodyear Nordics at Canadian Tire. So far they are actually quite good on snow, but you'll still slide on ice.

Winter tires are super expensive, so I thought I may as well put my research efforts out there to help some Montrealers in the same situation (I'm specifically looking for decent P195/70R14 winter tires, so you'll have to figure out what size works for you).

I checked out two places that should be popular for many Montreal winter tire shoppers: Canadian Tire and Walmart. Walmart had Nexen Winguard tires at that size listed at $71.00, versus Canadian Tire's Goodyear Nordics at $86.99. If shopping by cost alone this is a no brainer right? Not quite.

When you factor in Walmart's more expensive rims and installation costs the numbers look like this (taxes not included):

$71 Nexen Winguard tires +
$16 balancing/installation +
$60 steel rims

Canadian Tire:
$87 Goodyear Nordics tires +
$9 balancing/installation +
$50 steel rims

So there you have it...I have no idea which tires are better, but at least cost won't be the deciding factor.

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