STM OPUS Card Scam

Last year, I had to exchange my first OPUS card (that's the stupid name they gave to these unreliable cards) after only a few months of use. I had to run around a bit, and I was able to exchange it at no additional cost...So fine no big deal.

But, then my latest OPUS card decides to give me trouble (four different machines did not work for me) preventing me from purchasing a monthly pass. So I head over to the ticket booth and the kind (not) STM lady (working at Square Victoria metro on November 2, 2009 around 4:45pm) told me I had to buy a new card (every month if I had to).

I knew all along that this was a scam in the making...Those "re-usable" smart cards that we Montrealers now MUST buy for public transit, were announced to last us "four" years during the trial period. I guess by "four" years they really mean two years realistically (STM lady told me this), and maybe every month if your are truly unlucky. That's what you don't hear from the STM about these cards.

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