Disney Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania

It was a fun moment when we arrived at the theme park...They had a small crowd of people enthusiastically cheering us on as we got off the bus and entered the park on a red carpet (it was made to make you feel like a big Hollywood celebrity haha). But unfortunately (at least for me) the park had a couple too many attractions closed to us (i.e. the Indiana Jones and Lights, Motors, Action shows for instance).

However, the highlight for me was Toy Story Mania, which is a 3D first person shooter on rails. I took advantage of the light crowds to play this attraction four times in a row (as well as register the second highest score of the day...I had to get that bit of bragging in there). From this game/ride I can definitely see the appeal of 3D video games that will come in the future. Everyone I saw there had fun while playing this. Great fun if you have a competitive streak in you.

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