Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect is my favourite game of all time (I wonder how many times I've said that on my blog...) so of course I'm looking forward to the sequel which is going on sale starting tomorrow. For me this probably the only game that will actually live up to the hype.

The launch trailer with epic music and all is here below ...You may even catch it during the football game on Sunday.

I think that's Martin Sheen's voice over in the trailer...There's also a number of actors doing voice overs in the game, like Seth Green, Michael Dorn, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Tricia Helfer.

Mass Effect 2 Update 1

I'm probably 2/3 into the game and it looks like it's going to overtake Mass Effect as my favourite game of all-time. Yes, graphically and technically it's way better. But that's not why it's so good.

It's the way it brings in relationships you had with people in the first game that makes it so great. It almost feels like seeing old friends again. How you treated people in the first game is also reflected in this game. The attention to detail just makes everything seem more real—such as how your quarters are decorated with a picture of your significant other from the previous game (assuming you pursued that possibility). You really must play the first game fully to appreciate it all.

Add the humour, personalities and occasional swearing makes everything seem so real. It really sets a high standard for any game out there. The characters all feel real, and you're right there with them making decisions that have real impact on their lives. I may as well call it my favourite game of all-time right now...Yep I am.

Mass Effect 2 Update 2

Just thought I'd say it one more time: Best. Game. Ever. I've played a lot of games over the years and only a handful have really impressed me. Mass Effect 2 just delivers something you cannot get anywhere else (Ok maybe Mass Effect 1...But, the sequel is generally better).

The sci-fi story (which is shaped by your choices in the game...also, from the previous game) and interesting characters just blows away anything else out there. It's the story and characters in the game that make you laugh out loud at times, surprise you, make you feel a bit sad, and even romantic at times...It's just so good it's almost a shame for anyone who doesn't get a chance to play it. I'm going to play it again right now.

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