Buying My First Domain:

I was bored and decided to engage on a mini-project: create a personal web portal for myself (which was the hard part) and register a domain (easy part). So now I am the official owner (for at least a year anyways) of! Woohoo! Cool, huh? Yup, I thought so ;)

There are so many sketchy domain registrars out there that it isn't easy to choose ones...Sometimes you don't even actually own the domain under your name even after paying for it. GoDaddy is the most recognizable and famous brand name on the market; and strangely enough their website is pretty sketchy looking too.

After some research, I went with which is great so far. You also get WhoisGuard (which during my research may cost an additional $10 elsewhere—It essentially, protects you from spammers). I read some reviews that the web site could be somewhat unstable (which I think has merit), but no regrets from me so far. It's a simple and easy process to buy a domain. I'd have no problem buying another domain from them.

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