BPA Toxic, But Not Banned...Great

The good news is that BPA has officially been labelled as 'toxic'...The bad news is that toxic BPA will still be used in our food packaging...I've already switched to a stainless steel water bottle (no more bottled water for me). It's time for food producers to change their packaging materials. I will surely be looking to buy from those that stop using BPA.

"The industrial chemical is used primarily in producing polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins for food containers, water bottles and protective linings for canned food and beverages (...) While he applauds Wednesday's announcement, Smith said the work now must begin to rid the chemical from all food and beverage containers."

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  1. ryan, it's a good thing that they have put already the label 'toxic'. it was about time to do so. i know this issue from long time ago, but i'm from europe and there are good reglementations about it.

    it's just a matter of information. if people understand this, it will be easy to eliminate that kind of packaging.

    you should be aware of stainless steel bottle. the best choice is a glass bottle for your drink :).

    best regards

  2. gabriela, ok now I need to know...What's wrong with stainless steel bottles?

  3. hey, ryan, i was trying to say that you have to be aware where you buy that 'stainless steel' recipient, because they use to lye about that. most of those recipients are 'made in china' and this is an anti-warranty. it could be aluminium, or other materials that are highly toxic.

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