Chicken Nuggets Fact Check

You may have seen somewhere on the internet about how chicken nuggets are "made"; and seems totally disgusting. The pictures floating around the internet make it look like a massive glob of bubble gum...I put a copy below...

But, it turns out to be another one of those "you can't believe everything you read on the internet" things...The fact check is here...But, for those wondering about McDonald's Chicken McNuggets here's an excerpt from the post:
"For the record, McDonald's Chicken Nuggets are all white meat, and not made from MSC (mechanically separated chicken)."


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  1. It is the first time, when i look at your blog. Nice, Nice. I like it! :)
    But what is the first Picture? Sorry, i'm from german and have a small Problem with english. I hope you understand this :D
    Greets, Elischen.
    p.s: Please give me an answer. ^^

  2. Hi Elischen, thanks for the nice comment :)

    No one actually seems to know 100% what that is...I've read somewhere that some people still "believe" it may actually be mechanically separated chicken...But no one knows for sure where the photo came from...

    By the way, you have a nice looking blog (even though I cannot read it)...It looks great!


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