Micorsoft Xbox Kinect Sales Hot

Looks like Microsoft has a hot product on their hands with the Xbox Kinect, as they have already sold 8 million units of hardware. They better not let us down, by not delivering more good games for it.

As I've already mentioned in my own Xbox Kinect micro-review, it doesn't surprise me that it is doing well—especially if Dance Central is the game that people get to try first. I've seen it being a hit with anyone adventurous enough to move their body. On the flip side, you'd be surprised to see how some people are extremely reluctant, uptight or self-conscious (take your pick) to give it a serious try...even just among friends.

Another challenge is the perception among people that it's the "same" as the Nintendo Wii...I think they couldn't be more wrong about that, but that's Microsoft's challenge to overcome.

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