Montreal: Restaurant Kazu Review

Finally, I made it in here after walking by it on numerous occasions; and not going in because of the crazy long/slow lineups. The place literally seats a maximum of 25 people by my guess...and that may even be pushing it!

I'm just too impatient to wait in line (for anything really), and I can confirm that it'll be over an hour of standing in line to get in here on a Saturday night (yes, I know what a dumb move that was). Supposedly, weekdays at lunchtime is a much better bet from a lineup standpoint.

Anyways, the hype and lineups only make expectations higher and for someone who has never eaten in a Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant...I must say it's good! Definitely worth a try, if only because...well there's nothing in Montreal like it. It's not an inexpensive place to eat and there's generally not a whole lot of food to chew on...But they can still easily open a second restaurant and fill it up.

Even though they had some unique and really tasty things (48-hour pork, BBQ Pork Neck, Cod Head Salad I tried) I don't know if I can muster up the patience to stand in line that long again. But I'm glad I tried it...I'd go back for sure if the lineup is not so insane.

Update: New Kazu review post, my second trip to Kazu (3 years later) with pictures this time!

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