Montreal: Restaurant Kazu Review (2014 Update)

It's about three years since my last trip to Kazu. It still seems as popular as ever with lineups when we arrived, and lineups when we left. The smart thing to do is to wait about 15 minutes before they open and be the one of the first to get seated.

Don't Be Late

A quick tip: Make sure everyone is present at the restaurant or else they won't let you take a seat. I was literally just across the street putting money in the parking meter and they wouldn't let our group have a table. Doesn't sound like an issue, but the tiny restaurant was being filled to capacity with every passing second. Luckily we got the last seat in house.

Kazu Food Photos

A typical Kazu line up

Kazu table before the food arrives

Octopus skewers

Chicken skewers

48 hour pork

Mackerel and rice

Short beef rib and rice

Kazu Still Good

The place looks pretty much the same as I remembered it last time. Only this time, I was quite surprised at how fast the food was ready. We tried a few things that I hadn't tried last time, and overall the food is still great. Everyone finished their plate and walked out happy. The difference this time is that I have pictures (three years late I suppose, but better late than never).

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