Montreal: Bier Markt (No Beer) Review

This seems to be a Toronto restaurant chain that has expanded into Montreal. We got a seat easily on a weekday night. Beers are their specialty, with lots of beers to choose from around the world. So if you are a beer fan you should be happy to browse through pages of different beers.

Of course I didn't drink any beer, but did try a few of their appetizers, which weren't too bad overall. The chicken wings were different in that they seemed to be partially deboned(?) so that your fingers would not be covered in sauce. Dessert however was disappointing...Waffle smores may sound pretty good in theory, but it was just too dry to eat more than one piece. It really should be served with ice cream.

Bier Markt Photos

Bier Markt Interior


Smoked Meat Poutine

Spicy Wings

Smore Waffle, too dry for my taste...Could use some ice cream

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