Pre-Paid Telus LG Optimus One Smartphone Review

I've officially retired my nearly 4-year old LG 8600 Chocolate Flip cell phone. It was starting to break down, with the odd button not working (not major, since there were workarounds) and more recently some strange graphical glitches. It still mostly works fine, but it's definitely on its last legs.
LG P500 Optimus One

I wasn't going to get a smartphone at first, but the LG Optimus One is priced so competitively with "regular" phones I decided to go for it. The fact that it was an LG phone also helped, since I had a good experience with my last one.

There's no point running down a checklist of features, since there's thousands of reviews out there already. All I wanted was something that works reliably for texts, calls, has wi-fi and operates on a pre-paid Telus plan (this was important for me). After a few days of use with this entry-level phone, I have to say it does the job just fine.

I have to admit that an Android smartphone like this, does take some serious getting-used-to if you are coming from an iOS product (iPhone or iPod touch in my case). But, if you're ready to learn Android 2.2 like i was, it's not bad; even though it really felt unintuitive at first (sorry Google!). There are some cool Android features of course, but this is not an Android review...Anyways, I'm going to play the full Angry Birds games for free now on my LG Optimus One Android smartphone :)

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  1. Just sold my trusty LG Optimus One smartphone. It's definitely a tough, sturdy phone in my experience. I don't know if other higher end phones with larger screens can take the punishment that this can take.

    The biggest drawback is the limited amount of memory on the phone (and I don't even really use that many apps).

    But, even with Android 2.3 it will do a decent job for you as long as you only need the basics. Just don't compare it to a smartphone like the the Nexus S (which came out at around the same time two years ago).

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