Google+ and U2 Concert

So how are Google+ and U2 related for me? Well I got the Google+ Beta invite and went to their concert the same day! Google+ still needs some work/features it seems to me, but I've never been a huge social networking person so maybe I'm the wrong person to judge...A major thing I noticed, is that there is no "Wall" to write on if you want to write something on someone's profile.

In any case, I must say that the Google+ app works quite well on my LG Optimus One Android smartphone. It was the first time I really used my phone camera in the field and it's REALLY easy to share pictures and videos from your phone to Google+. After taking a photo or video, it automatically uploads them for you (kind of like how Dropbox does it). Later on you can simply choose what you want to share.

So for my first Google+ post, some U2 concert pics and a video instantly went up with just a couple of clicks. Again it's truly super easy for Android users...I almost never share pics and videos on Facebook, but since Google+ is still in private's like I didn't share them anyways (at least for now).

So for this post, I'll put up a shaky phone camera vid from the U2 concert...The sound system was impressive for an outdoor show like this was...

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