U2 Concert in Montreal (Saturday)

I was wondering if the Saturday show would be different from the Friday show and...Yes it was! I had to do some Googling, but beside the tweaked set list some other notable things that night:

  • Concert audio is streamed live on U2.com
  • Audio quality is amazing for the show
  • Bono sings a bit of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
  • Bono adds the improvised 'shine like stars' coda at the end of With Or Without You...Apparently this is "rarely" sung in recent tours (first time this year it seems; it's almost like an Easter egg), which is why it was a hot topic on Twitter...
  • Julia Roberts is at the show
  • Annoying teen in front me jumping like a nutcase is also at the show
  • And no rain! Perfect concert weather actually...
Update: Decided to help people a bit since, a number of people are stumbling on this post...The only Julia Roberts in Montreal picture I found online (of the back of her head) was not at the show, but at a private U2 after party from a (French) news site. At least it confirms she was in town. Apparently Colin Farrell was also at the show, according to the article.

I also posted another video (the black truck blocks the view of half of the "stadium") of the crowd and a couple of pictures from U2's Saturday concert.

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