Montreal ComicCon 2011

Ended up at the Montreal ComicCon on Saturday to check it out for the first time. It was fun to see the costumes, props (Old Batmobile, Back to the Future car) and even Star Trek actors Worf and Deanna Troi hanging around. It's not a huge event, but hopefully it gets bigger each year...Its something different to do on a weekend afternoon. The show ends today. All pictures below are from my trusty LG Optimus One cell phone.

View from the second level
Masquerade stage
R2D2 which beeps and moves via remote control...Pretty Cool!
Stormtrooper outfit
Homemade Halo-Style Armor
Old Batmobile
Back to the Future car
Update: Some ComicCon videos at the Masquerade courtesy of Randy here..

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