Montreal: Europea Restaurant Review

Went to Europea Restaurant to try out a few dishes. While it was kind of interesting and things were generally fine to tasty...Unfortunately, nothing really blew me away. I was kind of expecting more from a restaurant of this caliber and price range. No photos since it was too dark for my smartphone camera, but nothing that was crazy out there. I cannot say that I will be running back there any time soon. Oh well, at least I tried it.

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  1. what did you try over there?
    I wonder if their tasting menu was good enough to justify the price.

  2. Actually, we went straight for the tasting menu, since just like you I thought it looked really interesting.

    I wish I could say otherwise, but neither of us were particularly impressed.

    Service and food presentation were great, but the taste is what counts at the end for me.

    Nothing was bad, but nothing made us say, "Wow! This is amazing!", which is what I was expecting from a restaurant and price like this.

    If I had to do it over, I'd take a chance on a different high end restaurant in Montreal that I have not tried before.

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