Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

For some reason the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet seems to interest me...It seems to be able to do pretty much do everything an iPad can do but at a fraction of the cost. You can buy three Kindle Fires (and have left over cash) for the price of one 64GB iPad (that's based on US pricing).
Amazon Kindle

Price is obviously a huge selling point, but this 7-inch tablet seems to be quite capable for the right type of user. I know for a fact that I don't need storage space (my 16GB iPod Touch has never even gotten close to 8GB), and don't really need many apps (although a few popular apps would be nice). The smaller size also appeals to me, as it seems easier to carry around with one hand (roughly the size of a DVD case it looks like).

I just need something quick and basic to occasionally surf the web at home or on the road (which is why I got my iPod Touch three years ago). I'll have see what the reviews are like, and hope they don't decide to rip us Canadians off like so many others enjoy doing.

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