Montreal: Halloween Costumes at

Looking for a Halloween costume at the last minute around Montreal? If you are, then there's a nice option I recenty discovered for Montrealers: They have a pretty solid looking web site, and the bonus for Montrealers is that since they are based in Montreal...You can pick up your order the same business day like I did!

I looked around at other Halloween shops, but they may not have what you are looking for (even though they do have a decent sized catalog of costumes). Luckily for me I was able to find a Halloween costume I wanted online at PartyMart's Canadian web site, purchased it on their web site in the morning (marked it for Pick Up) and then called them to let them know I was picking it up myself the same day (saving on the shipping cost, and ensuring that I would get it on time). All in all a good experience, especially considering that Halloween is only days away.

A costume that looks pretty cool...

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