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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is essentially an expansion of the original game. But the news here for Starcraft II players are the new/tweaked units and old ones that are being removed (no more Mothership or Carriers!). The article I read was here but I'll summarize it quickly below.

+ Battle Hellion (Hellion can transform into more powerful robot mode)
+ Warhound mech
+ Shredder radiation robot

+ Ultralisk Burrow Charge
+ Corruptors Syphon buildings (minus Corruption)
+ Viper replaces Overseer (plus Blinding Cloud and Abduct ability)
+ Swarm Host (artillery unit)

+ Tempest (anti Mutalisks)
+ Oracle (building harass/spy unit)
+ Replicant (can morph into any non-massive unit, like Siege tanks)
+ Nexus gets new abilities
- Carriers
- Mothership


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