Barcelona 3-Day Trip Review

There are lots of Barcelona tour guides online, but I'll just list the things I managed to do there in the three days.
  • Ramblas street: Overrated if you ask me...Not much to do there but get ripped off by bad restaurants
  • Shopping: A couple of blocks east of Ramblas street are many shops that have a much better selection of clothes than Montreal does (even if we have the same chain stores here at home)—I learned that Montreal is not very good for the fashion-minded and there is a great opportunity here to beef up your wardrobe
  • Barcelona Bus Turistic which a good and easy way to explore the city without killing yourselves by foot: Saw Gaudi's works (church, park and his other buildings), FC Barcelona soccer stadium and visited the Castell de Montjuic by cable car
  • Etapes Restaurant is worth a special trip

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