Canadian Rip-Off: Everything

This article just further solidifies what we all already knew: Canadians get ripped off on pretty much everything we buy (I've mentioned specific examples of this many times over the years already).

A car made in Ontario is cheaper to buy in Honolulu than in Ontario itself. That's a nice business mark up if you ask me. That's right, if you fly to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu (see map below), you'll save over $2000 on a new car made right here in Canada! Sweet!

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From the article:
The vehicle-buying frustration isn't the only pricing concern for Canadians. Despite an at-par dollar, we still pay more for almost everything than our American neighbours.

This is why I make purchases online more and more (for example: It doesn't make sense to allow ourselves to get ripped off so badly.

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