TD Canada Trust Bank Account Deal

I keep hearing from people that TD is a good bank, so I decided to check them out and was actually quite impressed with their current bank account deal. Anyone can sign up with their premium chequing account and it'll include a nice list of banking services:
  • No monthly account fee when you maintain a minimum monthly balance of $5,000 (normally $29.95/month)
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Annual fee waived for your choice of one of three TD Canada Trust Credit Cards (normally $120/year if you get their premium TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card, which has its own set of benefits)
  • No TD or network fee for non-TD ATM use anywhere in world
  • Free premium personalized cheques
  • Free small safety deposit box (subject to availability, normally $60/year)
  • Preferred foreign exchange rates (nice extra if you go the US regularly)
And there's more but those were the ones that caught my attention...

The critical part here is to maintain the minimum monthly balance and you end up paying absolutely nothing in monthly fees (I hate how banks these days often seem to tack fees onto everything).

If you are wondering about the other banks, it seems that some banks have a similar set up (i.e. get the Premium bank account, get a Premium credit card free) and others just simply cannot match the TD offer in any way. The ability to waive the monthly account fees at TD, is what puts this offer miles ahead in my mind.

Along with the other free benefits, extended opening hours and a web site that seems more intuitive than the others...It's no wonder everyone is telling me that TD is the best bank out there. It's all a pretty good deal for those who have a TD bank near them.

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