Montreal: Jason Mraz Concert Review

Not a big Jason Mraz fan, but got a couple of clips of the good songs I recognized (admittedly not that many) when he was at the Bell Center tonight. He had a couple of good songs...He can grow you.

Went to the concert? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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  1. Grow on you?

    That's what I love about Mraz --- he does grow on you. He's not the "fab" boy new listeners think he is - his music is very true and honest to him. When you think of great artists, that's what makes everything they do important - it means something to them, and THAT makes it mean something to you.

    Glad you enjoyed the show - even if you didn't know all the songs.

  2. Thanks for commenting, one of my friends is a huge fan of his...He does seem to have a growing fan base.

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