Madonna in Quebec City Review

Went to Quebec City for a day trip and caught the Madonna show at the same time. (Update: Tickets were available less than 24 hours from the show start time...If it was indoors there's no way tickets would still be available). This is the last time I go to an outdoor concert. A LOT of people ended up having their view blocked by an enormous tree in the middle of the field. Not a smart move by organizers.

Madonna in Quebec City Videos

Here's a couple of horrible looking video clips from my phone (with a nice view of a huge tree):

Madonna's MDNA Tour Set List

Anyways, here is Madonna‘s MDNA Tour set list. A good chunk of show has her performing her latest material, so only hardcore fans would appreciate every single song. I'd probably pass the next time she is in town.

  • Opening Prayer /Girl Gone Wild
  • Revolver
  • Gang Bang
  • Papa Don’t Preach
  • Hung Up
  • I Don’t Give A
  • Best Friend / Heartbeat (Interlude)
  • Express Yourself / Born This Way
  • Turn Up The Radio
  • Give Me All Your Luvin’
  • Open Your Heart
  • Masterpiece
  • Justify My Love (Interlude)
  • Vogue
  • Candy Shop
  • Human Nature / Erotica
  • Like A Virgin
  • Nobody Knows Me (Interlude)
  • I’m Addicted
  • I’m A Sinner
  • Like A Prayer
  • Celebration
Anyone else got stuck behind the massive tree in the Plains of Abraham?

Madonna performing for her MDNA tour

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  1. I was in section c, and people were leaving after half an hour, and the stream of people leaving just got bigger and bigger all night long. Very little dancing because of all the slow bits, and/or the MDNA song selection - which is more 'punch your neighbour in the face' than 'dance with them'. People sat back down again! People around me were talking, yawning and playing games on their phones (no, not old people). At a madonna concert! Yep, it was a slow night. Sorry I don't have much positive stuff to report.

  2. I saw people starting to leave in larger numbers about halfway through the show. Some people were complaining about the set list which is not all that surprising. I did not expect much...But that tree was killer...Lots of disappointed people for sure.

  3. I was not there, but I know some people who attended, and they had an amazing time. This is the thing about outdoor shows, there are so many people that you need to be there super early to get a good spot. I only do Arena shows, where I am guaranteed a seat and it's more intimate. For the ones who were not happy, next time go to an arena, not an outdoor show.

  4. I'm sure if it was indoors almost everyone would have stayed until the end and it would have been more fun for most people.

    I'm guessing you had to be there at least three to four hours early to get a decent standing spot (and hope there's no one super tall in front of you). In an arena you can show up 15 minutes before the show and your seat is waiting for you.

  5. What time did Madonna take the stage?

  6. She started at around 10:20pm, which is about what I expected. I'm not sure how early you had to be there to get a decent spot, but it had to be quite early...

  7. How was it compared to the U2 outdoor venue?

  8. From a logistical point of view, U2 in Montreal was better. Major points to U2 for not having trees in the way. They also constructed stands for people on multiple sides; whereas Madonna only had stands at the far end. I can only imagine that the view was mediocre (my guess is that those stands were about 200m away).

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