Montreal: La Banquise Restaurant Review

Went to La Banquise for the first time to finally try out their famous poutines. I even went in with low expectations so that I wouldn't be too let down. The classic poutine is good, but a little too light on the cheese. I tried a pepperoni and onion poutine as well, but that was even more light on the cheese. That was disappointing.

Variety of Poutines

I think it's mostly if you want to try out some different flavours of poutine. A colleague once said that it's good poutine if you are looking for food at 3am in the morning (he's probably right about that). Personally, I still prefer the "classic" poutine served at the Gibeau Orange Julep on Decarie. They are not known for their poutines, but I think that it's the best casual poutine that I've tried so far.

Where do you think has the best poutine in Montreal? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. La Banquise poutine is not good. Fries are ALWAYS cold and the toppings are not good quality. I don't like the fries at Orange Julep. The best is actually La Belle Province (depends where as they are not all the same) and Chef Guru is amazing!

  2. I like Julep fries quite a bit, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. La Belle Province poutine on Decarie doesn't look very good.

    I want to try Frites Alors poutine which is supposed to be really good...

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