Montreal Comiccon 2012 Review with Photos (Friday)

Checked it out yesterday night and it was mostly similar to last year's Montreal Comiccon 2011 event. The big difference is that there seems to be many more notable actors this time around: William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and James Marsters to name a few. The event did seem to be slightly bigger than last year's but not by much. Attendance wasn't too bad that Friday evening, no serious crowds to speak of.

Montreal Comiccon Friday Night

I would have preferred to go on Saturday, but I was concerned about the massive lineups and just went on Friday instead (which didn't really have any lineups at all). The fun part for me is seeing the costumes. So with camera in hand I hoped for some good photo opportunities...And now you can enjoy the photos I took at Comiccon 2012 that Friday night.

Did you go to Comiccon? Get some good photos? Do you have to pay to get autographs? Let us know in the comments!

Montreal Comiccon 2012 Friday Night Photos

Phoenix, one of the best costumes I saw that day at Montreal Comiccon 2012

90s Batmobile

Master Chief in Mega Blok form

Master Chief at Montreal Comiccon

Various Spiderman with backpacks on the floor


Heroes of the North

Captain Americas



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