Brossard: Papa Jackie Restaurant Review

The name Papa Jackie probably doesn't make you think of a Chinese restaurant, but that is exactly what it is. It's a small, new restaurant out somewhere in Brossard and since I hardly ever leave Montreal island, it feels like it's located in the middle of nowhere. It's part of a small strip mall with not much to do there besides eat.

Photo of Papa Jackie signage.

Chinese Menu Items

In any case, it's a nicely decorated and simple place. It was Saturday night and the people that kept coming in showed that it was well known to those who had already discovered it. We tried the recommended menu items that were posted in Chinese characters on the wall and suggestions made by the waitress (helps if you can read Chinese, or know someone who can). We pretty much ignored the menu we had in our hands. In the end, that meant no "standard Westernized" menu items like General Tao or things like that; although you can still order those things if you are interested.

Fast Service

Service-wise the food all arrived in a timely manner, and all the dishes came at around the same time which is always good to see. I think no news is good news when it comes to restaurant service.

Good Food

I'm a fairly flexible eater, so I'll eat almost anything. So it was fun and interesting to see some of the things that we ordered were completely new to me. But, most importantly I thought it was all very tasty. There was hardly any food left at the end of the meal, so it must have been received well by all. I'd definitely like to go back for more, although it's still in the middle of nowhere. Good Chinese restaurant option if you live in Brossard though.

Papa Jackie Restaurant Food Photos

Interior view of restaurant.

A picture of the wall inside the restaurant (I was bored).

Soup pot. Tasted like normal soup.

Fish cake and vegetables...I like.

Chicken plate, meat was not dry at all which is my preference.

Eel, which I never eaten before outside of a sushi restaurant. The small bones are annoying though.

Salt and pepper pork, always a good choice.

Not quite sure what this was...Veggies and tofu maybe...

Tofu and beef.

Anyone else eaten there before? What else is good to try?

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  1. That's veggie and mushrooms!

  2. Sure veggie and mushrooms sounds about right :)

  3. That's enoki mushroom and bok choy

  4. Enoki mushroom and bok choy, sounds like a better answer lol

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