Montreal: Dans La Bouche Restaurant Review (Breakfast)

I don't get out to Le Plateau Mont-Royal area to eat very often, but we decided on going to the trendy restaurant / bar / supperclub called Dans La Bouche. When we got there at around 1pm on a sunny afternoon the place was packed. With music playing loud and people starting to lineup outside...It almost felt like going to a supperclub at night; except it was in the middle of the day. Based on first impressions, it's definitely not the kind of place you'd think of going for some breakfast (or brunch).
Dans La Bouche signage

Popular Breakfast Restaurant

With such a lively crowd, I immediately thought that you would be paying for the ambiance and not the food, which concerned me right off the bat. In any case, the service was pretty good considering the full house. Apparently they had reservations for 150 people starting at 11:00am. It has to be the most popular breakfast place I've ever been to in my life.

Good Breakfast Food

I've never been a huge fan of the usual breakfast places: Tiffany's on Decarie, the Eggspectations restaurant chain downtown, or the various Chez Cora breakfast chain locations. My expectations were low to begin with, but the food actually ended up being a lot better than I thought. It's possibly the best breakfast place I've been to as far as food is concerned. The fruits were surprisingly sweet and juicy (maybe it was a lucky fruit day) and the potatoes were moist and tasty; a cut above many other breakfast places. The Eggs Benedict that I ordered was pretty good and others also had good looking plates. The pictures speak for themselves.

Loud, Crowded and Busy Breakfast Restaurant

Many other reviews online may trash the place, but this review is focused only on their breakfast service and I cannot speak for the lunch / dinner menus or the club scene. It's a twist on the usual morning experience and the breakfast food is good, and for that it was worth the trip in my books.

Anyone else been there for breakfast? Any thoughts?

Dans La Bouche Restaurant Photos

Dans La Bouche club interior

Eggs Benedict and crepe

Crepe with omelette inside

Eggs, bacon and potatoes

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