Montreal: Kam Shing Restaurant Review

Inside the old seemingly run-down Cote des Neiges mall (although the new WalMart store that recently opened up there is sure to give it new life) is the Kam Shing Chinese restaurant on (not surprisingly) Cote des Neiges street.

Crispy Chicken

Good Chinese Food and Good Prices

The place isn't fancy at all and is pretty basic looking. The service is usually not the quickest when compared to other places, but having tried a number of different dishes I can say that the food is generally pretty good. Their prices are also competitive which is a plus. Chinese food is already not usually ultra-expensive, but they do offer decent value.

They also do their share of take out orders, but the last time I did that I felt shortchanged on the portions. You are probably better off dining in. In the end, it's a good choice if you are close by and don't feel like making the trip to Chinatown and look for a free parking spot.

Anyone else have dishes to recommend? Any thoughts?

Kam Shing Restaurant Photos

Fish and Tofu in a Hot Pot

Ribs in a Hot Pot

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  1. Aside from the good foods they tend to treat asians like a third world country or should I say Beggars that can't afford foods(even if you drive a BMW)

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